March Update and April Preview

I thought I would take time at the end of each month to share my progress with all of you.  I’ve been busy working  in my journalwp-1491062965385.jpg– completed 12 of the prompts on my list of page ideas and so many more that aren’t listed. I’ve really been enjoying my journey so far and looking forward to April for more self-discovery.



For only tracking my mood for half a month, I really only had one day that was crummy.  It’s refreshing to look back at this and see that this month-that I felt was really stressful- actually didn’t turn out so bad.

wp-1491063027037.jpgAnother thing I have noticed about keeping track of my daily moods is that, on days when I was particularly frustrated, I didn’t want to use red or deep blue, I didn’t feel like I wanted to dwell on the day and by the time I was journaling, it didn’t seem like such a big deal to me.  Maybe this is a good thing… and maybe it;s not because I’m not truly being honest with myself. Just something to think about going further…



One new page I created this month is this Small Adventures spread.  I have found that I like routine.  I like coming home, sitting at my desk and playing video games or reading a book- even though there are a million things that I would like to do “if I had the time”.  This page challenges me to get out there and try something different.  I like the saying “do one thing today that scares you”.  It is something I have always wanted to believe in but never had the courage.  With this, I may not be doing a big scary thing every day but I am at least trying to get out there and try new things.. and that is sometimes scary.


The next few pictures are just updates for posts I already made.wp-1491063055890.jpgwp-1491063148032.jpgwp-1491063085475.jpg

That’s all the updates I have for March, but here is a sneak peak of April.

wp-1491063185770.jpgI created this page to try to make some habits.  These are things that I care about, things in my life I want to be sure become part of my permanent routine.  And, while I said I am a person of habit, it is really hard for me to get into those habits… and so, I am hoping that this will help me get my butt moving.  At the bottom, I highlighted some of the most important goals for me to keep track of how many days of the month I was able to keep these habits.  I understand that the first month can be difficult, so I am hoping that by pulling these numbers out, I can see them improve as the months go on.


This One Sentence Summary is on the back of my Habit Tracker and will be a place to write down the biggest thing that happened to me that day.  It is a journal, after all, so I figured there should be at least some writing.  I have always been interested in keeping an actual journal, but every time I tried, I couldn’t get myself into the habit of writing in it consistently.  I would do maybe two entries in a row, then it would be a week, or a month before I would write in it again.  With this, I feel confident that I can write down one big thing that happened each day.


This last page is my favorite page to date.  It is another way to keep track of my mood but more as an over-all than a day-to-day.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, so when I saw this, I knew that I had to have it.wp-1491067578189.jpg

Until next time…


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