I don’t even know where to begin here…

May has been absolutely sucko when it comes to achieving my goals… I really can’t even make up excuses other than to say that I was busy, worn down from work, and, well, I got lazy.  It was one continuous string of, “I’ll definitely go tomorrow” and now, it is the 17th of May and I have done pretty  much nothing towards my goals.  I’m going to try to start getting outside more now that the weather is AMAZING! (Inner me is squealing with delight… haha that sounds like something Anastasia Steele would say) Next week, I’m going on a camping trip with my class and then visiting my best friend, then school is out for the summer!  I’m hoping that now that things are winding down, I can find time again to take care of the things I feel are important.  When I was in college, someone once told me that there should be no reason that you don’t have time to do the things you want to do for yourself.  This was something that stuck with me and for the most part, I have done my best to make time for me, but lately, I let myself down.  My schedule has been pretty much; roll out of bed 20 minutes before I run out the door, work until 7 or 8, eat, sleep, repeat.  But now, I am finding that I have time left over after work and I just need to get back into a routine (that doesn’t always include binge watching Big Little Lies- so good btw).

When I was taking a look at my goal log from last month, I realized there were some areas that I definitely could do better in, and other areas that, I really didn’t need to keep track of- either because I was already doing them consistently, or because they were just something I didn’t find as important as when I created the list (I borrowed some of the ideas from a blog I had found). That being said, I narrowed my goals WAY down this month to only six things.  I think I just need to take a step back, not let these past 17 days bother me and start doing my best from here.

On another note, I was looking through blogs of other people that are also using a bullet journal, I found someone that had dedicated a page to herself.  She made sure that she spent time on herself and created a list of things she did (such as getting her hair done, going for ice cream, buying a new book) and I really thought that was a great idea!  It is going to be the next big page that I do, I just haven’t decided how I want to map it out yet.  I have already started something for myself, however, and I booked a vacation for me to visit family at the beginning of June!  This will be the first vacation I’ve taken by myself and I am really looking forward to it! (Yes, I will be visiting family, but normally I go with my grandma or my boyfriend.. this time, it’s just me) This isn’t just a tiny adventure for me, it’s a big leap because I don’t even like to eat alone much less board a scary plane and zoom across the country by myself.

Anywho… there will be another post soon so you can see all the pretty pages I’ve worked on (if only I could just finish them!)

Until then!!!


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